Google starts showing more images in web search results

  • April 24, 2019
  • SEO

credit Barry Schwartz

It might be time for you to focus a bit more on image SEO.

Multiple tools that track the Google search results have been showing an increase in the percentage of time that Google shows image results in the core web search results. The image search result box that is sometimes shown in the main search results is now showing up for 1/3rd of all queries according to some reports. SEOClarity published their data this morning showing “images in the Top 10 leaped from an approximately 24% occurrence to a 34% occurrence.” The increase has started around April 13.

What is the Google image box? You can see the image box for many types of queries where Google thinks you may be interested in seeing image search results. Here is an example for a search on [red roses]:

The data providers. As we said above, SEOClarity shared their data showing the spike in image search results showing up in Google. Here is their chart:

Mozcast data shows a similar trend:

As does RankRanger’s data:

Why we should care. Google has been hinting that SEOs should be focusing a bit more on image search over the past few months. Now with Google showing even more image search boxes in the main search results — Google Images may be another source of traffic to your web site that you don’t want to miss out on. Make sure to optimize your images for Google Image search!

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