Google Search Console adds Video Enhancement, Video Appearances Performance reports

  • October 11, 2019
  • SEO

Google has new reports to help you with your videos in Google Search and Discover.

credit: Barry Schwartz

Google has announced two new reports within Google Search Console. These reports help you understand how well your videos are performing in Google search and help you fix issues with your videos displaying in Google Search.

Video Appearances in Performance report details. The first report is a new option under the Performance report, within “Search Appearances” to see video-only clicks and impressions. Google said, “performance report already includes an option to see the performance of your video tab search results (type = video). We are excited to share that we’ve extended our support for videos, so you can now also see the performance of your videos in the main Search results tab (type = web) and in Discover using the new ‘Videos’ appearance.”

Content will show in this report if you are using VideoObject structured data or if Google uses other signals to detect that there is a video on the page.

Video Appearances in Performance report screen shot. This is a screen shot of this report:

Video enhancement report details. Google also launched a new enhancement report for videos. For sites that use structured data to annotate videos, Google will show this new “video” report under the enhancements section. The report will show you video errors and warnings for markup implemented on your site and help you fix those errors.

Video enhancement report screenshot. Here is a screen shot of this report:

Why we care. Videos are a big way to get content into Google Search and Google Discover. Many publishers and site owners use video to help their web site visitors learn more about the topic the page or site is about. Making sure your videos perform well in search can lead to an increase in traffic and conversions for your business.

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