Google Expands ‘About This Result’ With Info On Ranking Factors

  • July 23, 2021
  • SEO

credit: Matt Southern

Google is expanding the ‘About This Result’ panel with information about what factors went into ranking a page in search results.

Starting today, when viewing an About This Result panel, searchers will get even more information about the results they’re seeing to help them make sense of which one might be most useful.

That’s what it offers to regular searchers, but to SEOs it offers unique insight into which ranking factors went into surfacing a given page for a given query.

Google’s pitch to searchers is that this information can be used to refine one’s query to get better results.

For everyday users this panel offers techniques and settings that can be used to modify searches to get more relevant webpages.

From Google’s announcement:

“For example, if you usually search in English, but want to find results in a different language, or from a different region, About This Result makes it even easier to adjust your settings.

You may even want to adjust your search. Imagine you search for “best jogging shoes.” While it’s usually helpful for Google to return results about related concepts, in this case “running shoes,” you’re really after shoes that are optimized for jogging.

About This Result will show you tips for how you can get to what you really wanted. For example, you can put quotes around a word or phrase to get results that mention those words exactly, or use a minus sign to exclude certain words from your search.”

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