Merchant Center can now be linked to Google Analytics 4

  • March 22, 2022
  • SEO

credit: Barry Schwartz

Google now lets you link your Google Merchant Center account with your Google Analytics 4 property. Plus, Google added that you can now “see your conversions from free product listings by connecting your Merchant Center and Google Analytics property.”

What is new. On February 1st, we reported that Google added auto-tagging to your free Merchant Center products for improved tracking not just on your paid product listings but also on your free product listings. This new announcement says “you’ll now be able to see your conversions from free product listings by connecting your Merchant Center and Google Analytics property.” “This can help you measure the direct impact of your Merchant Center product data,” Google added.

Linking Merchant Center and GA4. With Universal Analytics going away next year, Google seems to be rolling out a way to link your Google Analytics 4 properties with Google Merchant Center. Here is a screenshot of the Merchant Center option under the product links in GA4:


How to do this. If you have an existing Google Analytics (GA4) property, then you can connect it to your Merchant Center account by visiting the conversions settings page. Google said that you’ll need to turn auto-tagging on for this feature to work.

Why we care. The more integrated tracking we have, the more informed decisions we can make on your campaigns, SEO efforts and overall marketing efforts. Tracking is key with everything search marketers do, so having this data to aid you on where you should spend your resources on is important.

You can expect Google to add more Google product integrations in GA4 in the coming months.

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