Google’s May 2022 core update was significant and hit fast

  • June 2, 2022
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credit: Barry Schwartz

The data is in early from the tracking tools and here is what these tools are showing with the latest Google algorithm update.

On May 25, Google began rolling out its first broad core algorithm update this year – the May 2022 core update. The impact of this update was felt super quickly, within 24 hours of the announcement, so we feel it is now safe to report on the impact of this May 2022 core update.

Historically, we have waited longer to report on the impact of these core updates. But after writing several of these core update impact stories, the vast majority of the impact is generally realized within the first few days of the update (although there are always outliers).

Data providers on the May 2022 core update

Generally, the data providers (which have consistently been Semrush and RankRanger for these reports) have agreed on how volatile these updates have been. But with this update, they seem to disagree. At least until you dig into the data.

Semrush data showed that the May 2022 core update hit pretty quickly after the announcement. In terms of its volatility tracker, as shown below (or you can view live at the Semrush Sensor tool).

In terms of the speed for these core updates to roll out, “This is already the third core update in a row where the initial roll-out saw a very short burst of initial rank volatility,” Mordy Oberstein, Semrush Communication Advisor, told us. He added that “this seems to be a new pattern” with the rollout of these core updates.

When you compare the May 2022 core update to the November 2021 core update, at first glance, it seems the May update was less volatile than the November update. This is with the exception of the real estate niche, “which seemed to undergo a significant shakeup,” the company shared.

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