Yoast SEO 19.5 Update Causes Fatal Errors

  • August 12, 2022
  • SEO

credit: Roger Montti

Yoast SEO plugin 19.5 update causes WordPress sites to report fatal errors.

Publishers who updated to Yoast SEO 19.5 may have experienced more than they expected. Reports of fatal errors caused by the update soon began surfacing. Interestingly, the error appears confined to specific situations and not across the board.

Yoast SEO version 19.5

Yoast version 19.5 contains several changes that improve the user experience, fix a validation issue in the Article structured data, and address some minor bugs.

A standout improvement is the Front-end SEO inspector that provides an overview of posts and various SEO settings like meta tags and structured data.

Unfortunately, a bug also occurred in a specific situation that caused a fatal error.

A fatal error can occur when there is a conflict between two plugins.

Yoast Identifies the Problem

The last commenter who noted how they had two versions of the Yoast plugin installed, the free and the premium versions, may have been a clue to what caused the fatal flaw because that situation was cited as the reason why the Fatal Error was happening.

Yoast responded quickly to the issues and issued a patch the very same day, version 19.5.1.

If you are still having any issues with this plugin, please contact the experts at SPYDERwebmarketing.com at 833 377 9337 or info@spyderwebmarketing.com.



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