Google: Proximity Not A Factor For Local Service Ads Rankings

  • May 15, 2024
  • SEO

credit: Matt Southern

Google states proximity to the searcher is no longer a primary factor in ranking local service ads

Google has clarified that a business’s proximity to a searcher isn’t a primary factor in how Local Services Ads are ranked.

This change reflects Google’s evolving understanding of what’s relevant to users searching for local service providers.

Chris Barnard, a Local SEO Analyst at Sterling Sky, started the discussion by pointing out an update to a Google Help Center article.

In a screenshot, he highlights that Google removed the section stating proximity is a factor in local search ad rankings.

Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ads Liaison, responded to clarify the change.

In a statement, Marvin said:

“LSA ranking has evolved over time as we have learned what works best for consumers and advertisers. We’ve seen that proximity of a business’ location is often not a key indicator of relevancy.

For example, the physical location of a home cleaning business matters less to potential customers than whether their home is located within the business’ service area.”

Marvin confirmed this wasn’t a sudden change but an update to “more accurately reflect these ranking considerations” based on Google’s learnings.

The updated article now states that location relevance factors include:

“…the context of a customer’s search… the service or job a customer is searching for, time of the search, location, and other characteristics.”

Proximity Still A Factor For Service Areas

Google maintains policies requiring service providers to limit their ad targeting to areas they can service from their business locations.

As Marvin cites, Google’s Local Services platform policies state:

“Local Services strives to connect consumers with local service providers. Targeting your ads to areas that are far from your business location and/or that you can’t reasonably serve creates a negative and potentially confusing experience for consumers.”

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