American Samoa LLC SOW

AmericanSOW  < download here


Attn: Doug Gilmore, Owner,

From: Jim Lisi, President, SPYDER web marketing

RE: SEO/ Content work for your website:

Doug, Here is what we will be doing to market your website to get more a lot more LLC signups:

  1. SEO – search engine optimization

We will complete an extensive 4 hour competitive analysis uncovering the keywords that your competitors rely on daily to keep their businesses profitable. Once we select those keywords, we will aggressively attain top positions in your main keyword categories and in turn driving those customers to your website to purchase your LLC program.

Package Overview

On Page optimization – 50 highly targeted keywords

Extensive keyword research

4 articles created a month for content exposure and to feed Google and improve rankings

Content strategy implemented

Landing Page ideas and creation

Implement Blog on current site ( none there now)

Make sure site is optimized for mobile

Optimization includes – title tag, description tag, headings, image attributes, content optimization

Google Webmaster Tools Validation – We will submit all changes to Google. This tells them that your business website exists and Google will start ranking your pages and give feedback for improvements.

Directory Submissions

Setup Google analytics to track new daily traffic

Other work as it comes up daily, every project is different

Create site-map xml – gets Google to crawl your website correctly

Monitor your site daily ranking wise and make changes accordingly

Monthly Ranking Report – Shows the improvements and growth of your website from our SEO work.

Monthly Ranking Review – 1 Meeting per month

Dedicated Account Manager – your own personal contact, phone, email to handle your account


Price: $5,499 a month, discounted to $4,499, waived $700 setup fee also


  1. Review 20 articles you have upcoming

Price1st 5 no charge, other 15 $25 each so $375 one- time fee and $25 per article after this monthly to review and make keyword relevant and SEO friendly