Big Data Marketing Strategies

If your company does not have a data strategy in place for 2018 and beyond, it is using old marketing techniques, period. The time is now to implement one.

"Without big data & analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.”    Geoffrey Moore, author and leading business consultant to Fortune 500 companies

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The exclusive partnerships that took us years to form and spent millions to make are currently all in place.

The data pays for itself usually 5x over - it is a solid investment for your company and an incredible new innovation to beat your competition and get more clients/customers. 

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Let's say you advertise to 100 people and only 5 are In-market for your service. The dollars you would have spent on the 95 who weren't ready to hire you to find the 5 that were is now saved with our system. You save thousands a month on clicks because you are not spending it on the 95 who aren't In-market anymore. Now you market directly to the 5 who are looking specifically for your service in your area.

EX: Ok so let's say you’re a optometrist looking to target searchers who are ready to hire someone because they have an eye issue. Our software will find people who are clicking on ads related to your specific niche, say "san diego optometrist", "san diego eye doctor" or "san diego optometry", etc. and predict whether these searching consumers are ready to hire an optometrist. We target them with your ads and this is now a hot lead to be followed up with directly and quickly to hire you. This strategy works, every time.

Very soon now, every business will have to compete on how they collect, analyze and utilize data.  Any company that doesn’t understand that concept will be watching their marketplace be taken from them.

With the Facebook data breach it has opened a new era of how companies can collect data and process it. We can help you understand the legality of all of this and make sure you are compliant with GDPR.

SPYDER has data partners that accumulate behavioral data from 225 million web searches globally. We then apply AI to create a custom audience for your company to target specifically. This saves 40-75% of current PPC spend.

As your campaigns run using our data, our machine learning algorithm self-adjusts in real-time to auto-optimize its targeting and conversion profiles, resulting in a prediction engine that improves and becomes more accurate over time.



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