Healthcare Industry Marketing Strategies

Our 5 point web marketing strategy works very well driving new business to doctors, plastic surgeons, dentists, insurance agents, psychologists, chiropractors, dermatologists, optometrists and nursing homes.

Healthcare professionals are busy working on the human body and mind throughout the day. SPYDER is busy working on their websites to drive them new patients/clients. 

Becoming a healthcare professional takes many, many years of training and dedication. The SPYDER team has also spent many years learning the Internet marketing business as well.  Let us show you our skills.

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 We provide our healthcare clients with a targeted system to bring in new patients. This includes: Local SEO, Social media presence, Call tracking, Email marketing, Solid reviews, PPC and Facebook ads. This 5 point strategy works well very well to drive new patients their way and is also quite affordable.

A healthcare professional spends his/her day fixing people's issues; we spend our day finding these people and get them to contact you before your competition. That is our specialty. We will get the phones ringing and you just need to sign them as a new patient/clients. SPYDER drives new leads on a weekly basis with our strategy.

SPYDER has a team with 20+ years experience in bringing in new patients. Whether you are an established company or a one man/woman office, we can drive clients. Time and time again we prove this.  Stop hiring amateurs to handle your marketing and go with the pros at SPYDER to handle your website marketing needs. 


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In most cases, just one new patient / client we send your way will cover the entire cost of our strategy fees

Give us a call to find out how a real marketing company can help grow your healthcare business.

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Let's say you advertise to 100 people and only 5 of them are In-market for a doctor. The dollars you would have spent on the 95 who weren't ready to hire you to find the 5 that were is now saved with our system. We save you thousands a month on clicks because you are not spending it on the 95 who aren't In-market anymore. Now you market directly to the 5 who are looking specifically for a doctor in your area.

Ok so let's say you’re a optometrist looking to target searchers who are ready to hire someone because they have an eye issue. Our software will find people who are clicking on ads related to your specific niche, say "san diego optometrist", "san diego eye doctor" or "san diego optometry", etc. and predict whether these searching consumers are ready to hire an optometrist. We target them with your ads and this is now a hot lead to be followed up with directly and quickly to hire you. This strategy works, every time.

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Tell us what your goals are and the team at SPYDER will help you achieve them

SPYDER can manage all aspects of your current healthcare company's marketing strategy and if you don't have one, we can help you build a precise, targeted custom strategy to find new, quality patients consistently.


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