Finding a Reputable Web Marketing Company is Not Easy

At SPYDER web marketing, we know that when it comes to choosing a Digital marketing company to work with, the process can be very frustrating with so many choices and so many price points.


You want to stop 3 things from happening: 1. Getting ripped off from a chop shop  2. Ending up bouncing from company to company every 3 months  3. Ending up spending a lot of your hard-earned money with zero results.

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 These days every time you turn around another company pops up claiming to be Internet marketing experts with some $297 plan. Be weary of these types of companies as they are simply phone rooms with dishonest sales reps trying to get their name on a sales board and move to the next customer as quickly as possible. Avoid these types of companies at all costs. If a salesman is trying to close you on a deal on the first call without getting to know your business, hang up.

Find a company that services your niche. Let’s say you are a roofer, you want to find a company that specializes in roofing web marketing. As web marketing has grown, many web marketing companies (SPYDER web marketing is one of them) have specialized in a specific niche or services to maintain a strong competitive advantage. You need a company that is knowledgeable and passionate about what you do.


Thousands of marketing companies promise the moon for $99 these days. Do you really think a company can drive quality leads, clients, or customers to your website and phone for $99? Do not be taken by these scams. Our guess is you already may have been taken and now have a bad taste in your mouth about the web marketing industry as a whole. SPYDER treats our clients with respect and gets the job done.


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Find A Company You Can Trust and Feel Comfortable With

You own a business and are successful by making good decisions on vendors. Therefore, if it sounds like the person on the other end of the line is trying to jam a deal down your throat without first listening to your marketing needs and goals, hang up the phone. SPYDER digital consultants know the meaning of listening and we are trustworthy.

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Watch websites that claim to recommend other companies. While there are a few good ones left out there recommending a solid company, we would say 95% of them are completely fake and either made by the company itself or they are paid by the web marketing company to be at the top. Still others recommend a company for a % of the monthly rate so buyer beware, do your homework. Flat out ask them how they got there and how long they have been there to be 100% sure it is a real review.

The biggest is not the best. If a company claims to have thousands of clients, well then you are just another fish in the bowl and will not receive the support and service you are paying for. Also, if these types of companies have large client names, they probably are not for you, meaning Fortune 500 companies. You want a company that is medium-sized and has the staff to give you personalized attention. The team at SPYDER is not too big and not too small, we are just right and we handle each client like they are our only one.


Let's talk about what a real marketing firm can do 

Tell us what your goals are and the team at SPYDER will help you achieve them

SPYDER can manage all aspects of your current online marketing strategy and if you don't have one, we can help you build a precise, custom strategy to find new, quality clients who are ready to buy your services or products.


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