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I am SO excited to bring you this 7-day meal plan! I know that starting
a health journey can feel overwhelming at the start & this plan is
meant to help you keep it SIMPLE! This plan is one that I follow often
& includes most of my common meals!

I’m married to my husband, Joe, who I
have been with since I was 15 years old,
and we have two sons. I have been
cooking my WHOLE life, but the recipes
found in this meal plan are ones that I
have been incorporating in my FASTer
Way lifestyle since April of 2019.

I am PASSIONATE about helping others
feel their very best! I want to help you
feel confident, and give you the skills
you need to understand HOW to fuel
your body properly.

I usually charge $14.95 for this meal plan but I am offering it completely free for you to join my neswletter and community 🙂 Please enter your email here and you will receive a link in your email to the free download:

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Dr. Kristine L. Gravino
K.L. Gravino, Ph.D., Inc