3 new SPYDER Case studies

OK Doug:

  1. Bestcorporateevents.com does $43 million a year, we literally saved his company during Covid, I am sure Scott, the CEO, will give me a glowing reference:

Download here > Strategic Website Optimization – BEST

2. This is a prominent divorce attorney in LA we kill it for:

Download here > Divorce Attorney Case Study

3. Bango Ben was doing $5,000 a month before hiring us last year selling banjo music and banjos, he now does $73k a month:

Download here > Banjo Ben Clark case study

I do work for mirrorchic a 5 million dollar mirror frame company, atvtourscolorado.com, one of the biggest atv companies in Colorado, hightekusa.com, he does 32 million a year, a lot from our work,  ericmarshfoundation.org, the official website of the Granite Mountain fire guys who were all killed tragically in that fire, southeredges.com, does over 4 million a year with knives, client for 4+ years, and many more.

Just because the other company has done 1 .gov doesn’t impress me man, SEO is the same whether .com or .net or coffee cups or furniture or LLC signups, all the same technical work and we have done proven work here. This isn’t my first rodeo, I would kill it for you.

With the .gov you have a GOLDMINE here – it will move up very fast with the quality content we will make and our process and strategy. I am looking for a long term relationship here man.

Any questions, let me know.